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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is LSM?
The biggest risk in starting a business is not being able to acquire customers. LSM is a 3-day workshop to learn how to run the right experiments and build something customers want.

Thanks to the team!

  • Amman March, 2015

The Organizers

Ibrahem Abu Hijleh @abuhijleh90
Ashraf Samhouri iMENA Holdings @ashrafsam
Mahmoud Al-Hammouri @MNH_95

The Mentors

Nur Alfayez CEO, Feesheh @NurAlfayez
Romouz Sadeq CPO, Jeeran @Romouze
Nidal Khalifeh CEO, Kalboard360 @nidalk
Zaidoun Karadsheh Co Founder, Media Plus, Sketch in Motion & BeeLabs @ZaidounK
Ala Suleiman Cofounder, Masmoo3 @3la2suleiman
Sultan Shalakhti @sultan0254
Mahmoud Jalajel Director of Data Science Lab, Blue Kangaroo @mjalajel
Zeid Husban COO, iFood.Jo @Zeid_Husban
Marwan Soudi Strategyzer @, JoGeeks @MarwanSoudi
Rami Al-Karmi @alkarmi
Tamer AlMasri Jobedu @tameralmasri
Maher Jilani UX director, Plexable @maherjilani
Nafez Dakkak Founding Director, @ndakkak
Sohaib Thiab CPO, 7awi @sohaibthiab
Omar Aloyoun @brick2click
Mohamad Khawaja Startappz @Mkhawaja
Rawan Abukhadrah Jupapps @rawan_abukhadra
Yousef Wadi Co-founder, ArabiaWeather @ywadi
Ibrahim Faza @ifaza1
Trevor Owens Founder, Javelin @NOT
Grace Ng @uxceo

168 people are on board.

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