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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is LSM?
The biggest risk in starting a business is not being able to acquire customers. LSM is a 3-day workshop to learn how to run the right experiments and build something customers want.

Thanks to the team!

  • Guayaquil October, 2014

The Organizers

Hélène Billaud @hmaailm

The Mentors

Carmen Helguero Engineer, Empresa Pública de Servicios ESPOL-TECH E.P. @pkita_helguero
Irwin Franco IT Project Manager, Image Tech, Economía Digital @cafedejoe
David Chang Innovation management consultant, IDEA Network, Hakken, Dromos @DavidFernandoC
Lourdes Serrano Co-founder, BraincoachEc @lou_s
Christian Ruiz Dávila CEO & Founder / Gerente General, Tecnocell Technology Corp. (Desde 1999) / IM'Tecnocell CiaLtda (Desde 2012) @TECNOCELL_CORP
Iván Campaña CTO, DOMO Soluciones Web & TI @icampana
Guido Caicedo Director, ESPOL Entrepreneurship Center @guidocaro
Belén Pastor Proyectos de innovación, Coinnovar @coinnovarecu
Alejandro Varas Domo Soluciones Web & TI @alejandrovaras
Eduardo Raad @eraad
Edgar Izquierdo Director, ESPAE Graduate School of Management @eizquier
Andrea Samaniego MBA, Empresa Pública de Servicios ESPOL-TECH E.P. @asamaniego86
Diego Da Col Consultant @diego_dacol
Christian Andrade @andorade
Violeta Morán Coordinadora Nacional, Fundación Emprender @VMoranCarofilis
Lourdes Serrano Co-founder, BraincoachEc @lou_s

144 people are on board.

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