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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is LSM?
The biggest risk in starting a business is not being able to acquire customers. LSM is a 3-day workshop to learn how to run the right experiments and build something customers want.

Thanks to the team!

  • Madrid September, 2014

The Organizers

Pablo Gonzalez Ruiz de la Torre Pangea Official @pabloglezrt
Roberto Touza David Experto Lean Startup | Inversor | Ponente | Docente EOI | Director Máster IEBS | Startup Europe Week | NadieLabs, Startups Inversores PFP - Lideres CrowdInvesting @RTouzaDavid
Caroline Ladousse Coordinator Chair of Entrepreneurship ESCP Europe in Madrid, ESCP Europe @cladousse
Ricardo Espinoza Lead Organizer, LSM Perú @respinozame

The Mentors

Carmen Bermejo CEO at Tetuan Valley, Tetuán Valley @adavideo
Juan Gasca @JuanGascaTC
Chema Nieto Socialnius @ChemaNieto
Iñaki Arrola CEO at &,, Vitamina K @arrola
Daniel Soriano IE Business School @dani_soriano
Felix Lopez Capel Institutional and Investors relations director, AJE Madrid @felixlopez
José Manuel Fernández Bosch Director of Commercial Services and Property Management at AENA, AENA @jmfbosch
Wilhelm Lappe Fundador de Emprelab, Emprelab @wlappe
Marta Díaz Barrera CEO & Founder, Talentoscopio @Talentoscopio_
Andrés Saborido Country Manager, Wayra @SaboridoAndres
Ricardo Catelli Director General Global Lean, Global Lean @Catelliricardo
Nast Marrero Lean Startup Practitioner & Evangelist, UNIR Emprende, IE Business School, Chaire Entrepreneuriat ESCP Europe @startupjedi
Consuelo Verdu Saiz Nestor&Co. @consueloverdu
Elena Arrieta Redactora en Expansión, Expansión @elenaarrieta
Jordi Díaz TripMenu SL @jordiama
Pablo Valcárcel Castro Lean Evangelist, Lean Monitor @Pablo_Valcarcel
Marcos Eguillor BinaryKnowledge_ @marcoseguillor
Alvaro Cuesta Sonar ventures @emprendercuesta

484 people are on board.

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