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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is LSM?
The biggest risk in starting a business is not being able to acquire customers. LSM is a 3-day workshop to learn how to run the right experiments and build something customers want.

Thanks to the team!

  • Manila July, 2014

The Organizers

Patch Dulay The Spark Project @patchdulay
Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
Noreen Marian Bautista @noreenbautista

The Mentors

Jay Fajardo Launchgarage @jayfajardo
Cyril Lopez-Uriarte Kiddie Kist @kiddiekist
Arup Maity BlastAsia Inc. @arupmaity
Patch Dulay The Spark Project @patchdulay
Trevor Owens Founder, Javelin @NOT
John Auxillos @jyauxi
RJ Aquino The Spark Project @rjaquino
Israel Keys @israelkeys
Ian Joseph Corpuz The Spark Project @iancorpuz
Krz Lopez The Spark Project @krzkrzkrz
Birdie Salva @@birdiesalva
Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
Paolo Agloro Co-founder, SparkMachine Innovations @pagloro
Bryan Long Founder, The Testing Ground @@thehappybryan
Zarful Noordin Code Army @@_Zafrul
Chux Gaza The Spark Project @chuxgaza

557 people are on board.

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