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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is LSM?
The biggest risk in starting a business is not being able to acquire customers. LSM is a 3-day workshop to learn how to run the right experiments and build something customers want.

Thanks to the team!

  • Santo Domingo September, 2014

The Organizers

Michael Jacobo @michaeljacobo

The Mentors

Trevor Owens Founder, Javelin @NOT
Luis Eduardo Ogando @luisogando
Margarita Abreu @margaritaros
Ivette Caceres @ivetca
Arnaldo Andres Castillo Mendez Dominican Consulting Group @dominicangruop
Rubi Breton Instituto Startup @rubibreton
Jose Miguel Checo Brito Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Dominican Republic @jcheco59
Michael Jacobo @michaeljacobo
Patricia Acosta Ministerio de Industria y Comercio @patciacosta
Xiomara Frias CEO, Inspire, SRL @xiomifrias
Eneldo Serrata CEO, Marcos Organizador de Negocios @eneldoserrata
Alan Fernandez Ministerio de Industria y Comercio @alanfernandezm
Jorge Vargas @elpargo
Tamara Mera Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra @tami352
Raquel Rodriguez project Management Professional & Entrepreneurship Specialist, Private @raqueliamarina
Victor Luna @vluna27
Onil Pereyra CEO and Founder, Cuyaya Technologies Solutions, SRL @onil_pereyra
Christopher De la Cruz Office of the First Lady @christopherer
Katherine Motyka Jompeame @Motykakatherine
edison santos Emprendimiento Sostenible @edisonmss
Angel Willmore @angelwillmore
Carlos Miranda Levy Social Entrepreneur / Civil Innovator, Civil Innovation Lab @CarlosMiranda
Sandy Ramirez @sperez90
Jose Daniel Espinal Josespinal @josespinal
Emanuel Carela Co-Founder, Winkealo @ecarelap
Gabriel Evangelista Winkealo @gvangelista
Victor Paniagua Lufamuss @None

128 people are on board.

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