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The Event

Lean Startup Machine (LSM) is a three-day workshop on building a successful business. Most new ventures fail because they build something no one wants. LSM teaches you a process for discovering which products will succeed in the marketplace and which won't. LSM is an immersive, 48-hour educational experience, NOT a conference and NOT a hackathon. See the FAQs


  • Networks
  • Skenderpašina 1, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Friday, March 16th
6:00 PM
Sunday, March 18th
7:00 PM


  • 6 Workshops
  • 4 Speakers Presentations
  • 'Get Out of the Building'
  • 4 meals provided

The Mentors

    Umberto Canessa EU Manager, Lean Startup Machine @umbertocanessa
    Malcolm Duerod Senior TA, Int. Burch University @malcolmduerod
    Faris Začina CEO, Ministry of Programming @FarisZacina
    Rešad Začina Co-founder, Ministry of Programming @ResadZacina
    Adi Behlulović PM, Ministry of Programming @AdiBehlulovic
    Miron Lukač President, Asocijacija ARK @MironL1
    Alema Pelesić Ecosystem Facilitator, Swisscontact worldwide @/


    Miron Lukač Asocijacija za razvoj karijere ARK (Association for Career Development) @/

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What People Are Saying

Rachel Sklar
“The most diverse and gender-balanced workshop I’ve been to.“
Thomas R. Eisenmann
Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
“Aspiring entrepreneurs should attend Lean Startup Machine.“
Bob Metcalfe
Co-Inventor of Ethernet, UT Austin
“If I’d had Lean Startup Machine in 1979 at 3COM, I could have skipped 1980-1983.“
Eric Ries
Author, The Lean Startup
“The leading edge of the startup movement.“
Danny Maloney
CEO, Tailwind, ex-AOL
“[The workshop] opened my eyes to many flaws in my current product development process.“
Morgan & Daina Linton
Co-Founders, Fashion Metric
“You will not come out the same person.“
Jennifer Du
CEO, Before Drink
“It gave me the knowledge, power, and belief that I can do something great“
Hiten Shah
Co-Founder, Kissmetrics
“This is not a hackathon. The education you get at Lean Startup Machine helps you actually stop wasting everyone’s time. This is the future of creating business.“


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