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Innovate Like a Startup

Our training and software infuses the Lean Startup mentality into any organization.

Enterprise training teaches teams the skills to experiment, pivot, and develop successful new products and services.

Software translates skills into internal process and allows management to measure progress.

Change the way you work.
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“Lean Startup Machine's training is about getting outside the bubble. A lot of what happens at Google is about grinding out the technology to make it a little better. You can see a product like Google Wave would have benefited a lot from more user engagement and feedback before it launched.”

Daniel Loreto, Sr. Engineer, Google

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“Lean Startup Machine's training turned 20 employees of News International into entrepreneurs inside the organization.”

Nick Bell, Director of Digital Products, News International

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When the landscape is changing so fast, establishing a process for sustainable innovation is your only way forward. Our structured process has been proven to boost team culture and increase the ability to identify new, disruptive business models.

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Lean Startup Enterprise Training

1-3 day workshop or 4-8 week program

Rapidly adapt to new business environments

Failing cheaply is essential to keeping up with the pace of technological change.

Our expert team of entrepreneurs and Lean Startup practitioners will guide your team through assumption identification, customer interviews, and rapid experimentation, ensuring proper techniques are used in validating new business opportunities.

Apply strategies used by
successful startups

Large organizations have an incredible scale to market innovations, but they risk killing great ideas by applying existing processes and governance structures.

We provide teams with the tools and frameworks to manage innovation in conditions of extreme uncertainty, allowing breakthrough ideas to prosper.

Stay at the leading-edge

Make faster decisions, save time and money.

Our action-oriented training pushes teams outside their comfort zone and changes the way they think about work. Side effects include: increased speed of experimentation, desire to validate with customers, and complete comfort in uncertain environments.