15 Tips for Lean Startup Machine

Posted by Trevor Owens on

Lean Startup Machine is not a hackathon. Your team should probably not do any coding until you have validation for what you're going to build

Friday Night
  • Teams are minimum 2 people, max 6 people.
  • If it's your idea, do your homework and come with assumptions mapped out for the team.
  • The three basic assumption are the problem, customer, & solution.
  • Focus assumptions around the actions involved in your product, and why people will be incentivized to do those actions.
  • Get organized: google group, group text message, contact sheet, plan of action for the weekend.
  • Make decisions quickly and get out of the building (GOOB).
  • Read Giff Constable’s How to do a Customer Interview
  • Customers don’t know what they want, you have to recreate the buying environment so they are facing the same economic pressures and not just being nice or talking about a hypothetical reality.
  • Social engineering is your friend.
  • Don’t argue, test.
  • Collect real data through your tests & customer interviews, ie. 8 out of 12 people said X -BE CAREFUL for biases in your data collection, ie. pre-selection, observer effect
  • Look everywhere for potential customers - friends, friends of friends, friends of LSM attendees, the LSM attendees themselves. All of this is data. Think about your specific customer demographic or use case and where the “customer stream” is located.
After Midnight & Sunday
  • Take advantage of different time zones. 2AM in the US is 6AM in UK - post on Craigslist before you sleep to convert users to a survey and have data by the morning.
  • Try to generate real revenue through pre-sales.
  • Be able to document your learning process in detail.
  • Designate one person to give the presentation and have them practice.