5 Traits of Early-Evangelists

Posted by Trevor Owens on

Here's my interview with Salim Virani, organizer of the London Lean Startup Circle and co-founder of LeanCamp, "an open event that brings together the best of different disciplines, such as design, entrepreneurialism and research, to find market traction faster."
  1. Have the problem you think they have
  2. Knows they have the problem
  3. Tried to solve the problem themselves
  4. Looked for a solution themselves
  5. Put budget behind solving the problem
Issues can happen when an entrepreneur finds someone who fits 3 or 4 of these traits but not all of them. The example Sal gives is when someone has everything except for the budget, you don't want to invest the time and cost in building a solution if you will end up empty handed. Note: LeanCamp has events coming up in Barcelona, London, and Netherlands (Amsterdam). Find out more here.