Here it is! The Lean Entrepreneur Book

Posted by Trevor Owens on

After a long wait the latest masterpiece from Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits just arrived on my doorstep. I also pre-ordered the book and got to review the PDF this past week. Here's my take on it.

Table of Contents

  • Ch 1: Startup Revolution
  • -Case Study: 500 Startups
  • Ch 2: Vision, Values, and Culture
  • -Case Study: KISSmetrics
  • Ch 3: All the Fish in the Sea
  • Ch 4: Wading in the Value Stream
  • -Case Study: AppFog
  • Ch 5: Diving In
  • Ch 6: Viability Experiments
  • Ch 7: Data's Double-Edged Sword
  • Ch 8: The Valley of Death
  • Ch 9: Real Visionaries Have Funnel Vision
  • -Question & Answer with Rob Fan
  • Ch 10: The Final Word

Something for Everyone

Whether you're a developer, designer, entrepreneur, or intrapreneur, this book will help you quickly understand the key concepts around the Lean Startup.

Lot's of Examples

Brant and Patrick have mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to start businesses, and in this book they have a ton of case studies. From Intuit to KISSmetrics, these case studies contain detailed tips on how existing startups and companies are applying the theories.

Gorgeous (and smart) Illustrations

Funnel from The
What I've been most impressed by llustrations like the above distill complex concepts simply. I've used many of these to explain concepts to people and it's been magical. I honestly think if they just put together a Lean coloring book I would have bought it for the same price :).


Brant & Patrick delivered on the hype. I highly recommend this book to all entrepreneurs. You can buy it on amazon here and get it in 2 days via prime.