How MadeByMany is Hacking Non-Profit with

Posted by Trevor Owens on

Stuart Eccles is the co-founder of Made By Many and a mentor at Lean Startup Machine London. Here he talks about their approach to applying a startup mentality and Lean Startup methodologies to the non-profit space. This past weekend marked the first NYC Famine Hackathon organized by Stu and Farrah Bostic. I was super impressed by the results and am convinced they've stumbled upon a new an innovative way to support non-profit. What is the 5050 Good Campaign? A challenge to launch 50 projects in 50 days then raise £1 million for famine relief in East Africa, an underreported crisis that could lead to nearly a million children dying from starvation. Stu's 3 Big Ideas behind campaign and the Famine Hackathon Series.
  1. Launching big campaigns for charity is outdated in the age of the internet. Better tools allow campaigns to be more iterative.
  2. Engage people with skills who make great stuff for the internet, they will launch many platforms and be able to figure out what works better than any individual agency.
  3. It's not productive to wait and launch a huge campaign in 3 months when projects can be launched this weekend.
How to get involved now:
  1. Check out existing projects on
  2. Follow 5050good on Twitter
  3. Attend an upcoming hackathon in your city