How to Brainwash Your Startup Into a Lean Culture

Posted by Trevor Owens on

This is my interview with Farb Nivi during Lean Startup Machine London. Farb is the Founder of Grockit, a startup that builds social online games that teach GMAT and SAT. Grockit started adopting Lean principles a year into the company. As Farb says, it went against the grain of the company's existing process. It took almost an additional year to get everyone, by their nature, to think in terms of a lean process. The Turning Point At one point, Farb ran an experiment in attempt to completely turn around the way his team thought. He had the team remove half of the features from their current web application and split-test it's performance vs. the existing web application. In doing this, they did have usage data and some idea about which features to cut. The result was as you would expect, half of the product performed almost as well as the current app. This experiment produced data that helped the team to distill the existing web application down to it's most useful features and was a reminder for the team to think bigger about their work.