Looking Toward the Next Lean Startup Machine in New York

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Applications are now open for the next Lean Startup Machine -- to be held in New York at Hive at 55. The actual bootcamp runs from July 29th-31st, with a new networking component on Thursday, July 28th. We're looking forward to reviewing another amazing round of applications from aspiring entrepreneurs and current founders, for what is sure to be a memorable and action-packed weekend. Chrysler Building, Midtown Manhattan This event will feature a couple major changes. We've added an optional networking component on Thursday night so that participants can get to know each other better, prior to solidifying teams on Friday. Many past participants expressed a desire to have more time to figure out which team and idea they'd like to get on board with. We heard their pain and decided to iterate. We've also decided to open applications to past participants of Lean Startup Machine. Many LSM alumni, who have since founded their own companies, expressed interest in coming back for a refresher course. We think there are many benefits to this, and look forward to seeing some familiar faces return to New York.

How Lean Startup Methodologies Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Lean Startup Machine is different from other startup bootcamps.  This isn't just about networking, forming teams around great ideas, or getting an "MBA in a weekend".  On the surface, Lean Startup Machine looks like a crash course in Lean Startup methodologies -- specifically in Customer Development.  And that's okay, considering our participants consistently tell us they've learned more at our bootcamp than from any other they've attended.  But in reality, it's much more than that. In order to move business and society forward, we must improve the process entrepreneurs use to identify, validate and scale viable business models. The Lean Startup Machine promotes a deep and pervasive change in the way entrepreneurs build products and companies so that the next generation of great institutions will be better than the last.
"Every startup has a chance to change the world, by bringing not just a new product, but an entirely new institution into existence."  - Eric Ries
We're not just teaching Lean because we think it's a "great idea" or because it will make entrepreneurship easier.  In fact, the opposite is true.  There is nothing easy about Lean methodologies or entrepreneurship in general. Entrepreneurs who understand this embrace process and execution. Those who don't languish over the same idea for years, unable to pivot or admit that their assumptions were wrong.

Lean Methodologies are Destined to Become the New Standard

Before long, Lean methodologies will become standard in the corporate world as mid-level executives and product managers begin to hear about and embrace the movement. Eventually, Lean will spread far beyond the startup and technology communities who first adopted Toyota's lean manufacturing techniques. The need for educational bootcamps like Lean Startup Machine increases every day, and we are more prepared than ever to meet that rising demand. But a word to the wise: the use of Lean Startup methodologies does not guarantee success. There are many misconceptions about the Lean Startup movement that are dispelled through Lean Startup Machine, particularly the notion that it is a safeguard against failure. There are already many examples of lean startups failing -- and that's okay. After all, those who are willing to embrace failure and learn from past mistakes are much more likely to find success than those who don't. We know that Lean Startup Machine can be the launching platform that helps you find that success -- faster than you would be able to otherwise. Apply to Lean Startup Machine today. VHJUR68Q8SQM