Obie Fernandez Joins Lean Startup Machine

Posted by Trevor Owens on

We are excited to announce that Obie Fernandez is joining Lean Startup Machine! As Chief Technology Officer, Obie's primary focus will be on helping us build software tools that enable startups and large organizations to run their businesses using Lean Startup methodology. Obie is a one of the best technologists in the world and an entrepreneur in his own right. He previously led Hashrocket, one of the world's top Ruby on Rails consultancies, to $7M in sales in just three years. Over the past two years Obie has served as an advisor to the Lean Startup Machine team and his advice and feedback have been invaluable to our growth. Like with Ruby on Rails, Obie has a knack for identifying better ways to develop products and catching a movement before it takes off. Lean Startup Machine is committed to advancing the science of entrepreneurship and improving the odds of success for those who aspire to change the world. We have no doubt that Obie will be a champion for this cause and a great addition to the team. View Obie's announcement here.