10 Awesome MVPs from Lean Startup Machine

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This is my talk from Ignite: Lean Startup in NYC. Definition of MVP - "That version of a new product that will allow a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort." -Eric Ries Another way of thinking about it: The goal of an MVP is get to a...

IDEO's View of the Lean Startup Movement

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This is my interview with Ryan Jacoby, head of IDEO NY. IDEO, founded in 1991, is a pioneer of several of the practices at the core of Lean Startup. Prototyping, iteration, and investing a little to learn a lot, are in no way new to them. As such, IDEO is very receptive to seeing these practices...

5 Traits of Early-Evangelists

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Here's my interview with Salim Virani, organizer of the London Lean Startup Circle and co-founder of LeanCamp, "an open event that brings together the best of different disciplines, such as design, entrepreneurialism and research, to find market traction faster."
  1. Have the...

Arbitraging The Lean Startup Book for Charity

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Eric Ries is giving out ridiculous Amazon Web Service (AWS) credits with every book bundle, making his book effectively $1 a piece. Sounds great, but what would I do with all of these books you ask? I have your answer: The Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) is a non-profit with the...

The Newcomer's Journey

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The following post was originally publishedhere on August 8, 2011.

This year I have been intensely focusing on Lean Startup Methodologies,and while I’ve talked about it quite a bit on my blog, I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to fully explain it! If you rewind even one year I had not heard...

My Crazy Experience at Lean Startup Machine

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Matthew HensrudSo if I were to describe the Lean Startup Machine with a metaphor, it would probably involve a Russian epic — where all of the main characters die in the first 250 pages, and their descendants carry on in the fields telling stories of what it was like back in the day — then in the end, the...