How to Reduce PDF File Size

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To reduce the PDF file size in Mac, follow the steps below: Open the PDF file using Preview

Click File -> Save As, Choose “Reduce File Size” from “Quartz Filter” and click Save button

Done. Your PDF file size should be reduced by up to 90% now.

No, You Didn't Pivot

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I spend a lot of time with founders who like to use the word "Pivot" without really knowing what it means.

First, a pivot is not just another way to say you changed your idea. By definition you can not pivot without feedback from customers... You are not pivoting… if you change your idea because...

Completely Useless Online Surveys

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I see a lot of teams at Lean Startup Machine use online surveys incorrectly and get results that are for the most part, completely useless.

The first problem with online surveys is that they are faceless. When doing customer development you have to understand who the person is to understand his...

15 Tips for Lean Startup Machine

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Lean Startup Machine is not a hackathon. Your team should probably not do any coding until you have validation for what you're going to build

Friday Night
  • Teams are minimum 2 people, max 6 people.
  • If it's your idea, do your homework and come with assumptions mapped out for the team.
  • The three...