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Validation Board

Test your startup idea
without wasting time or money

  • - Make faster decisions
  • - Improve team accountability
  • - Build better products

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The Validation Board is a great tool to help entrepreneurs stay focused on taking action while implementing the Lean Startup process.

— Eric Ries, Author of The Lean Startup

The Validation Board Tutorial

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Print the Validation Board as 2ft x 3ft wall poster and watch your team's productivity skyrocket. We recommend your local Staples or FedEx; ask for oversized printing. It costs $4 for Black/White, $50 for Color.

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Showcase your case study, teach other entrepreneurs, and pitch investors. Your download includes PowerPoint and Keynote templates so you can walk others through your progress, step-by-step.

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Are you a virtual team or would rather use the Validation Board online? The download includes a Google Docs template you can use to collaborate with online.

Special Thanks
Eric Ries, Brant Cooper, Patrick Vlaskovitz, Hiten Shah,
Tristan Kromer, Lane Halley, & Alex Osterwalder

for helping us iterate the Validation Board

Case Study 1: How Trevor Saved $10,000 and 6 Months

Case Study 2: How "Fashion Metric" Pivoted to the Right Customer

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Validated! Check out Fashion Metric!

Case Study 3: How "How's the UX?" Created a Marketplace in 3 Days

Board blank Board cp Board cpd Board cpe Board cpet Board cps Board cpd2 Board cpe2 Board cpet2 Board cp3 Board cps3 Board cpd3 Board cpe3 Board cpet3 Board cps4 Board cpd4 Board cpe4 Board cpet4 Board cpe5 Board cpe3
After both sides have been validated through Exploration and Pitch, move back to the paying customer. Will they pay for the service? Test it with the third Method, Concierge. See the results!

Quiz: Test Your Understanding