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The Event

Lean Startup Machine (LSM) is a three-day workshop on building a successful business. Most new ventures fail because they build something no one wants. LSM teaches you a process for discovering which products will succeed in the marketplace and which won't. LSM is an immersive, 48-hour educational experience, NOT a conference and NOT a hackathon.


Friday, June 7th, 2013


Sunday, June 9th, 2013


7:15 PM Doors open: dinner and networking
8:00 PM Welcome
Pitches: 50 seconds each
8:30 PM Attendees vote on best pitches
8:45 PM Teams solidify
9:00 PM Workshop I: Validation Board
9:30 PM Fireside Chat by one of our All-Star speakers!
10:15 PM Teams begin working
11:00 PM Venue closes

9:00 AM Breakfast - Get your nutrients in before the big day!
9:30 AM Workshop II: Customer Development
10:30 AM Teams 'Get out of the Building'
*Be sure to bond with your team and grab some lunch together outside of the building*
1:30 PM Workshop III: Pitch
2:00 PM Workshop IV: Landing Page Design
2:30 PM Teams 'Get Out Of The Building'
6:30 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Workshop V: Concierge
7:30 PM 'Get Out of the Building'
11:00 PM - Venue Closes

10:00 AM Breakfast - It's the home stretch. Let's make sure we're well fed!
11:00 AM How to WIN Lean Startup Machine
11:30 AM 'Get Out of The Building'
1:00 PM Lunch is Served
3:30 PM Submit final slide deck
3:45 PM Judges arrive and take seats
4:00 PM Final Presentations Begin
6:00 PM Closing remarks/winners are announced
8:00 PM Congratulations! You have officially completed the FIRST ever Lean Startup Machine Hong Kong! Now let's get some drinks and celebrate!

The Mentors



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What People Are Saying

Hiten Shah
Co-Founder, Kissmetrics
“This is not a hackathon. The education you get at Lean Startup Machine helps you actually stop wasting everyone’s time. This is the future of creating business.“
Thomas R. Eisenmann
Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
“Aspiring entrepreneurs should attend Lean Startup Machine.“
Daniel Loreto
Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Venrock, ex-Google
“[The workshop] is about getting outside the bubble. Google Wave would have benefited a lot from more user engagement and feedback.“
Morgan & Daina Linton
Co-Founders, Fashion Metric
“You will not come out the same person.“
Lane Halley
UX Consultant, Lane Halley Consulting
“Unlike hackathons, winners at Lean Startup Machine are judged solely on the amount of validation achieved.“
Rachel Sklar
“The most diverse and gender-balanced workshop I’ve been to.“
Diana Kander
Author, All in Startup
“I learn something new every time. It will develop your Lean muscles and keep them in shape.“
Jennifer Du
CEO, Before Drink
“It gave me the knowledge, power, and belief that I can do something great“

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